Sochi Olympics went down in history

First at the Games in alpine skiing athletes showed exactly the same time and both got gold
On Wednesday in Sochi have been downhill for women. And it happened to them what has never in the history of skiing at the Olympics was not: just two athletes won first place.

Slovenian skier Tina Maze and Swiss Dominique Geesin showed exactly the same time – 1:41.57 . Thus, athletes received their first gold medal duplicated , but in skiing , as the earlier two gold in other disciplines were contested , for example, in figure skating at the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City in 2002.
Note that five years ago a Swiss Dominique Geesin had occasion to share first place. Then in Austria Altenmarkt – Zauchensee on the tenth stage of the World Cup Alpine skiing downhill Swede Anja Person showed the same time as the Gysin – 1:47.52 .
Bronze medal in Sochi in the downhill won Lara Gut of Switzerland , behind first place by only 0.10 seconds .
The essence of the downhill – one of the disciplines of skiing – in passing a specially prepared track at a time. Sometimes the speed of the athlete in some areas exceeds 140 km / h and the length of the flight when jumping is more than 40 – 50 meters.

Povetkin : Klitschko is not allowed to box the way I wanted.

In an interview with Itar -Tass Russian boxer Alexander Povetkin spoke about the mistakes made in the fight with Wladimir Klitschko, stressed that the American trainer Stacy McKinley in its preparation “nothing is spoiled ,” and said that he would like to take part in the Olympic Games in 2016 .

– The fight with Klitschko reconsidered ?
– Not yet. But be sure to seek out and thoroughly studied . Analyze your mistakes. Shortcomings , I think I’ll find a lot.
I acted too boldly . You had to box already, do not beat single punches and series.

– Alexander Zimin , your coach , said: ” Sasha’s hands and feet were working haphazardly .” Do you agree?
– I do not know . To agree or disagree with this statement , we must review the fight.

– You said that you gave Klitschko, especially tactically.
– Yes, I should build a fight in a different way . However, much depends on the opponent – whether it will implement the plan or not. And Vladimir did everything to not allow me to show their strengths.

– Klitschko said that you were breaking the rules . Like, stooped low , struck after the command “stop .
– Oh , nonsense kind . Bending down ? And on top of me , he did not Zaprygivayem ? And after the referee signaled to stop , I had the opportunity to hit Klitschko on the head . But I, as you can see, it did not. In boxing there are rules . They need to be respected.

– A Klitschko was fighting by the rules ?
– He did what he needed.

– Some experts say that Klitschko should disqualify for the ” Sambo ” in the ring.
– Well, now, you can say whatever you want. In the ring, the referee was . He thought that everything was normal. Let it be on his conscience. Speak , my team was going to complain to the referee ? But not complained though. And rightly so . What’s the point ? After all, nothing would have changed .

– I Klitschko black eye . How did he come from? Vladimir suggested that you touched his head .
– Well, that does not mean that the foot hurt you … you have seen . For my part, there was no violation.

– In general , how would describe their attitude to the Klitschko brothers ? Some call them great .
– I normally am to them . They correctly built his career . In a way, they can look up to. And they have a great team. Including due to it they are invincible for over 9 years.

– Maybe it would be better to fight with Klitschko in 2008 ? Or in 2010 ?
– I’ll be honest , this did not thought about it. The battle took place when both should have been held .

– By the way , the fee (about 6 million dollars) for the fight satisfied?
– Of course , satisfied. Fees solid .

– Alexander Zimin said: ” Coaches from the U.S. messed up training for a fight .”
– I believe that no one and nothing is spoiled . The training was good . I myself am guilty. Too many things I wanted to do in this fight . Do not work out.

– Alarmed ?
– Well, do not be alarmed , of course. But the burden of responsibility , the weight is very serious – yes, he strangled. Vladimir And , of course, did not allow me to box the way I wanted.

– The fight with Klitschko – the most crucial in life?
– One . Still, I played in the Olympics.

– Andrew Ryabinsky said that your coaching staff upgraded by 85 percent.
– Good , talented coaches in Russia a lot. Many of them, however, are busy. Alexander Zimin exactly will be part of the coaching staff . Likely to connect and Valery Ivanovich Belov. Can we take and any foreigner . Let’s see what will be.

– Compare Stacey McKinley and Teddy Atlas.
– Both – the Americans , but – quite different coaches . And keep in mind that Stacy I trained quite a bit – just a month.

– The language barrier …
– This is the problem . For example, with Atlas , we had a great relationship. This was said more than once . But the translator was needed. In English I do not speak .

– What you need to do to become interested in a fight Klitschko rematch ?
– That’s it . One has to become the mandatory challenger .

– How many victories to win this ?
– I think three is enough. And over the strong contenders.

– Who would you like to fight ?
– Did not think about it. But, for example , Tyson Fury and David Haye – good boxers .

– Would you like to participate in the Olympics in 2016 ?
– Yes. Participated would love to. Would defend the honor of Russia . Olympics – it’s the Olympics . It is the pinnacle of sports. But the right to speak at the Games still needs to be earned. In addition, to participate in the Olympics , you must join APB and WSB . The issue I have not studied .

Yes, I lost Klitschko. But I did not lose heart , do not give up. I want to go further. I want to beat Wladimir Klitschko.

Named the date of the debut of the most expensive footballer in the world “Real”

The most expensive footballer midfielder Gareth Bale makes its debut in the Madrid “Real” on September 14 in the championship match with Spain , ” Villarreal “. This was stated by the head coach of Real Madrid Carlo Ancelotti , reports the BBC. Ancelotti said that he has not yet decided whether there will be bale on the field or in the starting lineup will be released on a replacement.
According to Ancelotti , Bale is in good shape and full of enthusiasm for the upcoming debut. The coach plans to use the player on the right flank of the attack .
Bale moved to the ” Real” September 1 from London , ” Tottenham “. Transfer value of a player , according to media reports, was 100 million euros , and was a record in the history of football. In the sezone-2013/14 Bale because of a foot injury has not held a single match completely.
September 10 Bale has played for the national team of Wales in a match against Serbia , which the Welsh lost by a score of 0-3. At this meeting, Bale came off the bench and played the 32 minutes.

Madrid “Real” bought from the London ” Spurs ‘ midfielder Gareth Bale . Officially transfer fee is not known, but according to media reports , Bale cost “Real” at 100 million euros. Thus , the Madrid club set a new transfer record : Bale was nearly seven million euros more expensive than Cristiano Ronaldo, whose “Real” in 2009 bought the ” Manchester United”.
The story of the transition Bale ran a few months. Parties long to decide that it is ” Tottenham ” to receive for this player : whether the money and one or two more players “Real” into the bargain , or just a certain amount of money without any players. In any case, it was clear that for the transition Bale Real Madrid will have to pay a lot .
Intrigue in the transfer saga continued until the end : a few days before going to press reported that ” Tottenham ” has received an offer to sell Bale not only on the ” Real” , but more of a club. Whether this is true or not – it does not matter : in the end it turned out to Bale in the Madrid team.

Why Bale is worth 100 million euros
Bale – a bright football player , one of the main stars of the Premier League . Anyone who has seen matches “Tottenham” understand why the Welsh midfielder interested in “real” . However, the transfer fee Bail raises questions : Many believe that buying a player for that kind of money – too much risk , and the coach of “Barcelona” Gerardo Martino announced the price at Bale ” disrespectful to the world in which we live.” So what made “real” buy 24 -year-old football player at the price of a couple of islands in the Caribbean ?
According to its playability Bale looks like Ronaldo, and his strengths – roughly the same as that of the Portuguese. First, Bale – one of the fastest players in the world . Bail run faster just Ronaldo, Theo Walcott from London “Arsenal “, Arjen Robben of “Bavaria” and Gabriel Agbonlahor of ” Aston Villa “. In addition, Bale also amazing stamina : it can be worn on the field 89 minutes and then score a goal here .
Secondly, Bale has a great hit . Back in the ” Southampton ” ( there Bale began his professional career ) became famous Welshman ability to hit penalty . Then he was still playing at left-back . In the ” Tottenham “, is speaking in midfield , Bale became a regular hammer from afar. In the Premier League sezona-2012/13 Welshman chop 21 goals , nine of them he scored from long range .
Bale is good as a classic winger , whose work – to pass on the wing and run a canopy or backache . In ” Real” there will always be people who are able to close the transfer , so that the quality of Bale can be extremely useful. ” But they can not be ” – add skeptics . However, if the ” real” wanted to get players who can play on the wing in the British style – he got it.
Finally , the ” Real” was no other way out. In sezone-2012/13 Madrid club finished second in the Liga with a lag of 15 points from the ” Barcelona “, which in the summer to strengthen the attack by buying one of the best forwards in the world – Brazilian Neimar . “Real ” had to respond to competitors , and Madrid are able to do it only one way – spending a lot of money. If so , why not spend it on Bale .

Why Bale is not worth 100 million euros
Arguments against spending “Real” a lot of money too much, especially when compared with buying a transition Bale Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo. Four years ago, Ronaldo passed to the “Real” , having to be in the ” MU” three-time champion of England, winner of the Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup , and to win the “Golden Ball” . In fact, the “Real” buying the best football player of the planet , and the question in this case was: can the best footballer in the world worth 93 million euros ?
Bale during his career has not won anything . Midfielder , however, was twice the best player of the year in England, according to his colleagues, but on this list of awards Bale ends. ” Tottenham ” with Bail of not led the fight for the title, ” Tottenham ” did not play in the Champions League final (and very little play in the Champions League ), ” Tottenham ” did not win the FA Cup or League Cup . About the Wales team and have nothing to say until the end of the FIFA World Cup 2014 there are still four games , but the Welsh had actually lost the chance to get to the world championship .
In other words, we do not have the experience Bale Games high. No one knows how to behave in midfield , if in the final of the Champions League it for 90 minutes will provoke rival defender . No one knows how much will shake the Welshman if he will take the podium boo ” Camp Nou ” in an away match with “Barcelona “. No one knows whether Bale scored the decisive penalty shootout . In contrast to the situation with Ronaldo, in the case of Bale’s question is : can the international footballer of mystery worth 100 million euros ?
Bale scored a lot of distance, but according to statistics in sezone-2012/13 only 12 percent of strokes Welshman from outside the area have reached the goal . For comparison, Juan Mata from ” Chelsea ” and James Milner from the ” Manchester City” , the figure is 25 percent , while Lukas Podolski of “Arsenal” assists becomes every third shot .
Bail is often compared to Ronaldo, but the Portuguese more scores , giving more assists , more beats and even a bit faster runs . Bale’s left foot is called a fairy , but in this case it is necessary to recognize the magic both feet Ronaldo. It is unclear whether Bale surpasses the Portuguese at something . But hardly deteriorated copy Ronaldo is worth a hundred million, especially if you have “Real” already have the original.
Finally, Bale is not even guaranteed a place in the starting lineup of the Club of Madrid . On the flanks at the ” Real” usually operate Ronaldo and Angel Di Maria , and occupies the position of attacking midfielder Mesut Ozil . If Madrid will not sell Di Maria or Ozil , Bale will have to compete with them for a spot at the base, and does not the fact that Bale will win this competition . Find a common language with teammates Welshman will have even literally : in contrast to the above-mentioned players , Bale does not speak Spanish.
Jaroslav Kotyshov

The winner of the fight Mayweather – Alvarez will receive a gold belt

On September 14, Floyd Mayweather Jr. will fight against Saul Alvarez .
WBC will award the winner of the meeting between Floyd Mayweather and Saul Alvarez unique gold belt .
WBC President Jose Sulaiman presented the public a new, unique belt of the World Boxing Council, the winner of which will receive megafayta September 14 in Las Vegas between Floyd Mayweather ( 44-0 , 26 KOs) and Saul Alvarez ( 42-0-1 , 30 KOs) .

This belt was made by a Mexican artisan leather that is used to trim Ferrari. In addition, this belt is adorned with two kilograms of pure gold , and also includes images of individuals of both boxers with the flags of their countries.

The leader of the pound-for-pound American Floyd Mayweather Jr. ( 44-0 , 26 KOs) was surprised why many predict a knockout defeat him on Sept. 14 from Saul Alvarez ( 42-0-1 , 30 KOs) , who, according to “Money ” could not cope with the early second-class fighters.
” Take a look at the contenders Alvarez . Frankly, most of them are not familiar to me , but in spite of this , these men were able to go through the middle poshiba Saul whole distance – reflects Floyd . – Remember the same brother Ricky Hatton. Otboksiroval He Alvarez all rounds , and compare it with my level is not correct . ”
“I do not know who has the greatest Mexican boxers popularity – continues to argue Mayweather . – If you were to ask my opinion, I would say the name of Juan Manuel Marquez , who did better , and indeed has done a lot for boxing .”

Marquez: “In the fight Mayweather and Alvarez has no place sensations” Juan Manuel Marquez believes that September 14 in Las Vegas, Floyd Mayweather will overcome Saul Alvar …
Former world champion in four weight divisions Juan Manuel Marquez ( 01/06/55 , 40 KOs), shared his thoughts on megafayta September 14 between Floyd Mayweather Jr. ( 44-0 , 26 KOs) and Saul Alvarez ( 42-0-1 , 30 KOs) . According to ” Dynamite ” by his fellow countryman is very little chance of winning.
” In terms of protecting Mayweather out of the competition . It is very flexible, so get to it is incredibly difficult. Opponent gets nervous , and Floyd is using this to their advantage , – says Marquez, who in 2009 lost a devastating Mayweather on points. – I doubt that Alvarez something can distinguish himself from previous opponents Mayweather . But in the ring can happen. example, who expected victory over Gonzalez Mares ? ” .
” We hope to win our compatriot – continues Marquez . – It would be useful if Saul would have been a great experience . Nevertheless , he has a great opportunity to become a great fighter . But as long apsety are rare , I think that it not a case where you have to wait for surprises . ”

Alvarez told to prepare for a fight against the strongest boxer of our time.
Alvarez : “To me, Floyd is still number one p-4 -p”
World Champion WBC / WBA junior middleweight champion Mexican Saul “Canelo ” Alvarez ( 42-0-1 , 30 KOs) still believes Floyd Mayweather Jr. ( 44-0 , 26 KOs), the best fighter regardless of weight class.
“To me, Floyd Mayweather is still the leader of pound-for-pound, – admits Alvarez . – I’m not inclined to blindly believe everything about what people say. I’m getting ready for the best Floyd Mayweather , regardless of age . Turns out I have a varied training camp. glad I work out every day the same thing to eventually be in great shape. main purpose of the training camp was quiet and solitude , so that nothing would distract me from training. at Big Bear got it. I sparred with boxers , mimic the style of Mayweather . I had worked well in the sparring , and I’m going to show it on September 14 . “

Ukrainians learned rivals in Australian Open qualifying

Hosted drawing grid male competition
On Wednesday, January 9, will be launched in the first year tennis tournament “Grand Slam” – the Australian Open. The first to come into the battle men who have learned rivals in the first circle of qualification. There are three of us players.
Ivan Sergeyev (№ 155 in the ATP rankings) will meet with Adrian Mannarino (France, 160). Alexander Nedovesov (№ 205) was a rival Thiemo de Bakker (Netherlands, 129). Denis Molchanov (№ 242) play with Farukh Dustov (Uzbekistan, 229).
I must say that of the trio only Ivan Sergeyev game based on “Grand Slam.” In 2010 Sergeyev reached the second round of the Australian Open.

Poker Messi crowned Spanish cabal

The ceremony of awarding the best FIFA has already become an inherent part of the first days of the new year. For football players show closes the holiday week, which many are devoted to games and training. But in Zurich was able to relax: the red carpet, the stars on the stage and in the audience. Even the newly Russian Gerard Depardieu attended the show in the company of the FIFA President Sepp Blatter. Whether discussing the vicissitudes of the World Cup matches in the capital of Mordovia, or boasted that he managed to make not only Russian, but it looks like, and a new passport.

By the way, our country was represented at the ceremony also model Irina Shayk, which invariably accompanies her lover Cristiano Ronaldo. So this time smiling companion set off gloomy Portuguese. He hardly ever harbored any illusions about the prospects for the evening to get the main prize – the “Golden Ball”. On the podium of the main favorite Cristiano and Messi shared Andres Iniesta, whose face seemed to read, “I’m above it all”. In general, all three of them at the press conference said that the major concern for the future award winners do not. But, perhaps, to some extent, all three of the evil one.

Absent competition Messi and Ronaldo is a byword. A Iniesta certainly not so happily stay all the time in the shadow of the Argentine genius, especially for the year in which Lionel won a Spanish Cup, while Andres led the team to victory in the Euro. However, apart from Messi undisputed status as the best player in the world was another trump card – in 2012, he rewrote the “eternal record” Mueller, scoring more than 90 goals a year.

By tradition, the main intrigue diluted awards smaller value. For a start the team announced a symbolic year by FIFA and the International Federation of Professional Footballers (FIFPro). However, it would be more correct to call the team the championship of Spain – five players, “Real” and “Barcelona” and Falcao of “Athletics”. On the one hand, the strength of giants Examples can be no doubt as the class of the same with Ronaldo Messi, Iniesta, Casillas. On the other – good players in the world a lot, and strangely enough, in the national team players had no place finalist of the Champions League and the Euro from the “Chelsea”, “Bavaria”, the Italian team. And the presence of a conditional command Marcelo and Dani Alves shows that the space for them could be found.

Prize winner of the coaching though the Spanish league for a long time does not work, but is the same country. However, there just was not any disputes – Vicente del Bosque led the “red fury” to the success of the Euro in two years after the triumph at the World Cup. Duty he noticed that the next great victory owes its players, but the example of other strong teams in composition shows that whatever the choice of performers – the role of a coach can never be underestimated.

The only winner of the competition in the men’s nominations are not from Spain this evening – Miroslav Stoch from “Fenerbahce”. But, really, it would be better and the trophy named after Puskas got the same Falcao. Of all the goals presented not only in the finals, but in the original vote by FIFA, the ball – one of the most banal. Elegant execution, but there are a lot of heads slaughtered around the world, the competition is Stoch were bare exceptional. The secret of success seems to be simple, if you read the reviews of the victory of the Slovak. “Miroslav must tell us thanks for the clock support in the vote,” – such statements by Turkish fans you will meet many. That trust such an important choice open online voting.

Winner of the “Golden Ball”, fortunately, were determined captains and coaches of national teams, as well as some members of the media. Their vote was all just predictable. It should be noted that Igor Denisov and Fabio Capello agreed that the best was the Messiah. While midfielder put in second place Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic in third, and the coach gave voice not only Cristiano, but Pirlo.

In the end, with a score of 41.6% against 23.68% Ronaldo Messi received the “Golden Ball” for the fourth consecutive time. And last year’s hat-trick was an incredible achievement, what can we say about poker. Willing to argue with the fact that the victory is not only Argentine predictable and natural, there is always plenty. 2012-th was probably not the best for Leo in his career. But he’s still the best in the world – it is taken as a given.

Nedved banned for insulting referee

Board member of Juventus will not be able to appear at the games the defending champion to the end of January.

After the final whistle of the match against Sampdoria in which Juventus lost with a score of 1:2, Pavel Nedved, one of the board members of the club, with the referee Paolo pokonfliktoval Valerie, which almost resulted in a serious brawl

For his behavior Nedved was disqualified until January 31 – the day before the ex-player Old Lady and the Czech team will not be able to appear at football matches in Italy.

Chelsea and Manchester City will fight for Modric

Midfielder could return to Albion.

Only six months ago Real Madrid for fabulous sums acquired the 27-year Tottenham midfielder Luka Modric, but the Croatian, it seems to have no time to regret the decision to move to Spain.

Despite 20 games played for the Blancos, Modric could not be his at the Santiago Bernabeu, but after the Spanish newspaper Marca has recognized the Croat transition worst transfer in 2012 in Spain, Luke patience snapped.

“Adapting to a club-grants, as Real Madrid – an extraordinarily difficult task,” – declared Croat.

It is assumed that Modric help reach its former level ready London Chelsea. Pensioners were very interested in the services of Luke for several years, but now, in light of the upcoming departure of Frank Lampard in the summer, need to strengthen the midfield. Competitors for Croatia to Manchester City, who is always ready to fill part of another star, pre-paying a lot of money for it.

Dynamo gave Genoa time until Sunday

According to Il Secolo XIX, all agreements between Genoa and Dynamo Kiev on transition Andreas Granqvist in the Ukrainian club is still in force. Surrender amount agreed, and the delay is due to a desire to “Gryphon” expeditiously to replace the Swede.

Vice-champion of Ukraine went against the Italians, and agreed to wait a solution. True, the proposed and the conditions – before the match against Cagliari, which is scheduled for Sunday, the club from Genoa should decide the fate of 27-year-old defender. Otherwise, the Dynamo will curtail negotiations.

I should add that Genoa is now really busy looking for a defender, but the specifics are still very few.

Formula 1. Grosjean: “Presentation of the car will take place at the end of the month”

The pilot said immediate plans stables Lotus.

Romain Grosjean, AR
“In the next few weeks I expect intense training and presentation of the new car will take place at the end of the month” – said Romain.

“In February, I will spend six days in testing, and in March will begin a new season.”

“I do not think that winning at any cost may be a goal, but I dream of one day becoming a world champion. Should be careful to win races, but do not forget about the rest. Last season adrenaline cost me victory.”

“I’m not crazy, so I realize all the risk on the road and try to correct the mistakes.”
Source: Motorsport